Official Spanish La Liga Season 2020-21 Advertisement Sponsorship

i8.BET will be running virtual billboard advertisements in the Spanish La Liga 2020-21 season! We have obtained the Barcelona and Real Madrid official virtual advertising rights and will be broadcasting the advertisements in all official La Liga live broadcasters in Asia.

i8.BET’s advertisements will be running throughout the whole season, which continues for 8 months. With this, football fans in Asia will be able to see i8.BET's ads during the Barcelona and Real Madrid matches, proudly displayed on the football field's perimeter live. Through the support of technology, i8.BET can reach a new milestone, and connect with the fans more personally.

2020, here we go! With access to Asia's top sports programs and live broadcasts, all Spanish La Liga fans will get the chance to witness the ultimate collaboration between i8.BET, Barcelona, and Real Madrid this season!

Official Football Club Ads Sponsorship

Official Football Club Ads Sponsorship

Barcelona & Real Madrid

Official Football Club Ads Sponsorship

Advertisement Coverage

Appearing in all official live broadcasters in Asia.

Official Football Club Ads Sponsorship

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Snap i8.BET’s La Liga Ad
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Snap i8.BET’s La Liga Ad & Win Free RM18

Watch the Spanish La Liga Live, snap a picture of i8.BET's advertisement, and win some bonuses

step1: Snap a photo of i8.BET’s stadium advertisement from any of these matches.

step2: Post the photo on your Facebook or Instagram and you MUST include the following hashtags (#i8, #i8LaLiga, #MoreThanWinning).
*Please remember to set the post to [Public] and share the post [within 24hours] after the live match has ended.

step3: Contact online customer service to apply for this promotion. Provide the URL link of your social media posts. Upon successful verification, the bonus will be distributed to your account within 24 hours.

Where Will You See Our Advertisements?


i8.BET company profile

i8.BET was established in Asia in 2013. Over seven years, i8.BET has expanded its presence into various markets, including countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. i8.BET is the only online gaming platform with the most partnerships such as Playtech, Microgaming, Maxbet, and more. All of our partners are certified by official gaming bodies. On top of quality online games, i8.BET offers other products such as iTV, a free sports streaming platform; iMOVIE, a free movie streaming platform; iMALL, an in-site mall that lets members redeem premium and luxurious items; and iGODDESS, our brand new EDM exclusive for members only.

In which country i8.BET is legal?

i8.BET operates in Asia and offers its services to members in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

How safe is i8.BET?

i8.BET follows these principles to ensure our members bet in a safe and comfortable environment at all times:
1. Fair play
i8.BET uses advanced technology systems, puts live dealers through rigorous training and selection process, and seeks the advice of world-class gaming experts to make sure the games meet standard regulations and are fair.
2. Payment
i8.BET adheres to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies to comply with the rules and regulations of the Monetary Authorities. A variety of safe, secure, and convenient deposit/withdrawal methods are available too.
3. Responsible gambling
i8.BET supports the prevention of compulsive usage and underage access to online gaming. On this note, i8.BET has implemented a self-exclusion function that allows the customer to exclude themselves from having access to the Internet Betting Service or Betting Platform for a set period or permanently. Members can also set their maximum value, maximum betting loss, and deposit limit for selected wagering activities in the Live Casino, Slots, Sports, and 4D lottery game rooms. We encourage responsible gambling and our members to seek professional help and advice if they suspect to have a gambling problem.
4. Confidentiality and system security
i8.BET conducts security checks regularly to ensure that each member has one i8.BET account only. Encryption technology is also in place to monitor access to the site 24/7. On top of that, i8.BET uses advanced gaming software to perform all calculations to make sure they are accurate and fair.
5. Quality assurance
i8.BET adopts the latest technologies and works with industry experts to keep downtime at a minimum and make sure members can have a seamless, safe, and entertaining online gaming session, always remembering to put members first.

How do i8.BET bets work?

To place bets, choose which game room you want to enter from Live Casino, Slots, Sports, or 4D Lottery. Before entering, you can top-up your money or adjust your bet amount. Otherwise, proceed to play. Once in, select the game or match that you would like to bet on, your bet type, and start playing!

In which country can you enjoy i8.BET’s services?

i8.BET offers its service to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. In 2020, i8.BET has tapped into a new market and is working with Asia top sports programs and live broadcasts, for successfully being the only official advertisement sponsor for Real Madrid and Barcelona at the 2020-21 Spanish La Liga. To date, i8.BET has more than millions of active members and has made millions of organic impressions in an international arena.